pulzArt 9: Lightness and depth in theater performances

Under the umbrella of misinformation and naivety, truly comical situations are born – the show “PARTY” by the independent theater company Incipient Bucharest conquered the hearts of the audience with ...

Musical delights at the 9th edition of the pulzArt contemporary arts festival

Unusually, the opening concert of the 9th pulzArt was this time not an indoor, “seated” performance, but moved its participants to the Szimpla garden: DJ Bootsie Quartet opened the festival […]

Thought-provoking public installations, exhibitions

The 9th edition of the pulzArt contemporary arts festival brought everything into one dimension. Individual micro worlds were the central theme of the series of events that started from very […]

Micro-stories and empathy in literature

At the 9th edition of the pulzArt contemporary arts festival Vida Gábor was interviewed in the packed foyer of the theater by fellow writer István Miklóssi Szabó about his latest […]


This year’s pulzArt workshops took place indoors but were open to all. The little ones discovered the joy of creating with the workshop facilitated by Talking Brushes: they painted bright […]

Micro worlds, maxi impulses: the 9th edition of pulzArt festival

The 9th edition of the pulzArt contemporary arts festival brought everything into one dimension. “Sunflower” met a fire dance show, soloists from the Saint Ephraim Male Choir were answered by […]

pulzParty ► Saturday: Ficture live ● Danaga live ● Vekt dj set 

► Indulge in a sonic voyage like no other at the 9th pulzArt, where we introduce you to the enigmatic soundscapes of Gábor Tokár’s alter-ego. Ficture’s sonic tapestry is an […]

pulzParty ► Friday: Muspell Live ● Suhov aka BéTé dj set

► A lyrical voyage awaits you as Musspell takes the stage in the pulsating line-up of the pulzParty event sequence! Musspell, an emerging band rooted in Cluj-Napoca, was born in […]

Creative writing workshop with Horváth Benji

Are you writing only for your drawer? Do you want to improve? Would you like to try something new? Then the Creative Writing Workshop is for you. Horváth Benji is […]

The eighth edition of pulzArt was held in the spirit of reinvention

The 8th edition of the pulzArt Contemporary Arts Festival offered special musical, theatrical, literary, and cinematic experiences, and exciting workshops that invited everyone to reinvent and experiment to awaken their […]

Tickets are now on sale!

Tickets are now on sale for the 8th pulzArt! Buy tickets online at www.eventim.ro or in person at the Municipal Ticket Office! Useful information on how to buy tickets How […]

So you wanna be a DJ?

So you wanna be a DJ? Or maybe you are secretly mixing in your bedroom? If you are at least 16 years old and feel like stepping behind the decks, […]