It used to be said that everybody knows football and politics. Today, thanks to the unimaginable speed of information flow, practically everybody is good at everything. But there are still few who really are.

Csilla Gyöngyösi is one of those people who are really special in their line of expertise and a peculiarity of her expertise is that she feels at home in two world religions. Csilla Gyöngyösi is a reformed theologian and an Islamic scholar, a Ph.D. student and lecturer of ELTE University in Budapest, whose field of expertise is the philosophy and theology of Islam, religious science and Abrahamic religions.

Her lecture makes a little bit of order in the heads about today’s “fashionable” themes, clarifies some concepts and specifies some misconceptions about Islam: what is Islam, what is Sharía, the suppression of women, Jihad, as well as how the Muslim minority works in Europe.

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