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Davy’s background is in theatre and film whereas Kristin has trained as a dancer who has performed with many international companies including Cirque du Soleil.
The McGuires head an award winning creative studio that design unique visual experiences through art installations and theatrical projects. Their hybrid art works are delicate, filigree fantasies built with fragile materials that are momentarily brought to life through digital projections and silent storytelling.
The Icebook is the world’s first projection mapped pop-up book, a theatrical installation depicting a silent fable through a combination of paper pop-ups, projection mapping and music. By day, each of the 11 pages is no more than a few feet tall hand-cut blank pop-ups, but when the lights go out and a projection is beamed onto the book’s pages, the paper comes to life as if by magic and a dark, atmospheric story unfolds about a man on a journey through the wilderness. The result is an intimate, 20 min. visual experience that’s greater than the sum of its parts.
In addition to the Icebook, the McGuire family will make their debut at the festival with two video installations (Psycho, Jam Jar Fairy).

16-17 September, 16:00, 16:30, 17:00, 17:30, 18:00 / Tamási Áron Theatre – Klub


Jam Jar Fairy

Originally commissioned and developed for the Royal Shakespeare Company as an installation in which 8 fairies create a polyphonic composition by knocking on the glass, Jam Jar Fairies have been developed into stand alone video sculptures. The jar features a holographic projection of a hovering fairy sprinkling fairy dust by knocking on the glass‘ wall.


Psycho – Homage to Hitchcock

Psycho features a scene lifted straight from the iconic movie, and re-created using paper and light.
The short retells the pivotal moment in ‘Psycho’ when the female character is stabbed to death by an unknown assailant in the shower. But in the McGuire’s version, the violent murder is witnessed by the audience through the shadows in the windows of the house where the crime takes place.The soundtrack of screeching violins, violas, and cellos has an imminent sense of foreboding that Hitchcock laced all of his films with.

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