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Munich-based jazz band Fazer is already out of the ordinary with its unorthodox line-up. In the absence of a piano/keyboard player, the performance of not one but two drummers – Simon Popp and Sebastian Wolfgruber – codes specific rhythmic and harmonic tones into the band’s DNA. Trumpeter Matthias Lindermayr also brings an unusual style: instead of playing high notes, he usually occupies the middle range, as an inevitable result of his musical upbringing being determined by playing the guitar. Hence, he often meets the band’s actual guitarist, Paul Brändle, on the same eye level. With virtuosity between soloing and comping, they are backed by Martin Brugger on bass.

Fazer’s uniquely melodic sound ranges from West African polyrhythm and classical Indian music to dub-techno and post-rock. The young musicians wish to take their own path by defying genre boundaries while holding onto the tension and ethereal immediacy of improvised music. Each member of Fazer is always focused on interplay. Like a school of fish: every musician has their eye on everyone else, ready to change directions at a moment’s notice.

Date: 13th October, Thursday 19:00

Location: Tamási Áron Theatre, Main Hall

Tickets: 40 / 20 RON

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