In a world where harder and faster is the order of the day, Frederic Robinson deals in complex, nuanced music that displays a maturity of thought far beyond the young German’s years. Disciplined and focused, he stretches genres until the restrictions of tempo lose their meaning and the listener is free to simply experience music rather than categorise it. His intensely intricate sound design, instrumentation and arrangement places him closer to contemporary classical composers such as Steve Reich or Philip Glass than the gurus of dance music.

Despite having its roots in common dance music this is the exploration of sound and structure beyond the cheap, pyrotechnic tricks of clubland and into a much more intimate space of thought and emotion. Having trained as a classical violinist and now studying audio design in Switzerland Frederic is fixated with the meshing of the organic and the electronic, constantly pushing his instruments in new and unconventional ways to create unique textures.

18 September, 01:00, Dózsa-klub, pulzArt Session


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