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Hidden Orchestra is the solo studio project of multi-instrumentalist composer/producer Joe Acheson.
By tapping into the energy of virtuoso drum solos and adding music and sounds that are dark and beautiful, he creates haunting and uplifting Electronic music made without synthesisers – using only acoustic instruments, drums, field recordings and natural sounds to build intense, beat-driven Classical textures with layers of energy, emotion and atmosphere.
The album recordings feature a wide variety of guest musicians from different musical backgrounds, recorded separately, and combined by Joe to create an ‘imaginary orchestra’ that doesn’t really exist.
The sound of Hidden Orchestra on record is an intense and varied sonic journey, and the live experience is no different. The innovative set-up, with two drummers as the ‘front man’, has caused excitement and amazement from their very earliest gigs, from fans and critics alike.

Band members:
Joe Acheson – bass and electronics
Poppy Ackroyd – piano and violin
Tim Lane and Jamie Graham on two full live drum kits
Tom Lumen – live visuals

15 September, 20:00, Tamási Áron Theatre – Main Hall


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