Jászberényi Sándor is a writer, reporter and war correspondent from Sopron, born in 1980.

He has reported on the conflict in Darfur, the separatist movements in Yemen, the 2009 Cast Lead operation in the Gaza Strip, the leprosy and tuberculosis epidemic in Nigeria, the 2011 Egyptian revolution and the Libyan civil war. He is currently reporting from the theatre of operations in Ukraine.

As a writer, he has published regularly in prestigious journals since 2001. His first collection of short stories, “The Devil is a Black Dog”, has since been reprinted and has enjoyed considerable international success, with publications in the United States, the United Kingdom, India, France and Serbia. The author has been nominated for the Kirkus and PEN prizes. His second collection of short stories, “The Most Beautiful Night of the Soul” won the Libri Prize for Literature and has also been published in the US and India. His most recent books are “The Crow King – Western Stories” (2021, three editions to date); “Ten Years of War” (2022). 

He was awarded the Free Press Prize in 2005, the Quality Journalism Prize in 2007 and the Junior Prima Prize in 2009. His critics say that he is not in the least continuing the Hungarian or Central European prose tradition, and that he radically stands out from the ranks of Hungarian fiction writers.

At the 8th pulzArt, writer Miklóssi Szabó István will be his interlocutor.

Date: Saturday, 15 October, 18:00

Location: Bod Péter County Library

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