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A comic book coming to life with an elegant walking table, a colourful-smoking cardboard house and a frustrated fuse box about the tragic failure of a community.

With “After All Springville”, Miet Warlop is actually doing in the theatre what an earthquake or a hurricane does to a city: the order of things is totally mixed up and chaos is replaced by a new and meaningful regularity. Nothing is what it seems. The different parts and roles of objects and humans are all mixed up. Springville is a world in which the characters experience different disasters whilst trying to co-exist alongside one another. The everyday life of a ridiculously absurd but very real society.

With Miet Warlop’s large-scale installations and performances, as well as her studies in the field of visual arts, it’s no surprise that her theatrical vision is considered to be unique in the world of contemporary arts. After twelve years, in the fall of 2021, she revived her highly successful theatre show “Springville” complementing it with her installation (Amusement Park) under the name “After All Springville”. The elements of performance act, of live-, puppet- and object theatre, which she puts on stage with great care, can all be recognised in the show.

Her theatre is playful and full of slapstick, but at heart she is exploring the essence of humanity. If it wasn’t so funny, it would be tragic…

Miet Warlop’s work can be seen by the public in Romania for the first time at the 8th pulzArt.

Concept and Direction: Miet Warlop

Performance: Hanako Hayakawa, Winston Reynolds/Emiel Vandenberghe, Alexandra

Rosser/Margarida Ramalhete, Milan Schudel/Jacobine Tone Kofoed, Wietse Tanghe/Freek De Craecker, Jarne Van Loon

Costumes: Sofie Durnez

Technical Coordination: Patrick Vanderhaegen

Technical Crew: Eva Dermul, Jurgen Techel, Bart Van Hoydonck

Production Manager: Rossana Miele

Production: Miet Warlop / Irene Wool vzw

Coproduction: HAU Hebbel am Ufer – Berlin (DE), Arts Centre BUDA (BE), Arts Centre Vooruit (BE), PerPodium (BE), De Studio Antwerpen (BE), Internationales Sommerfestival Kampnagel (DE)

With the support of The Belgian Tax Shelter, Flemish Authorities, City of Ghent (BE)

Thanks to: Arts Centre CAMPO (BE), TAZ – Theater Aan Zee & cc De Grote Post (BE), Amotec (BE), Bennert Vancottem

Contact & distribution: Frans Brood Production

The duration of the performance is approximately 50 minutes.


► Friday, 14 October, 19:00

► Saturday, 15 October, 19:00

The performance lasts about 50 minutes. 

Location: Tamási Áron Theatre, Main Hall

Price: 40 / 20 lei

Recommended age: 14+

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