On the third day of the 5th edition of pulzArt, the sport event, that is held under the name of Football Culture, will continue with a literary evening. From 19:00 O’clock, at the Bod Péter County Library, the members of the the Selected Hungarian Writers will hold a common reading and discussion evening. The host of the event is going to be Szonda Szabolcs, the director of the library.
The Selected Hungarian Writers was founded in 1993 with the aim of linking sports and literature lovers. The beginning of its story goes back to the friendly football matches of writers and literary artists. At first, they played only occasionally, but later on this sport event became organized. The team’s initiator is Endre Kukorelly, who has been playing a decisive role in and around the Selected Writers for two and a half decade.
In 2016, at the World Series of Writers in Cyprus, six teams from five countries have attended and the Selected Hungarian Writers has returned as champion.

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