Director: Giorgio Ferrero, Federico Biasin
Genre: documentary
Language: Italian
Subtitle: Romanian
Running time: 70’

A documentary film conceived as a virtual dialogue and musical journey in four acts, which investigates the responsibility of architects in building the society of tomorrow. Alternating dialogues with various personalities from the world of fashion, art, design, and exploring pieces of architecture designed by ACPV, the documentary offers a vision of the post-Covid world, in the midst of the climate crisis and urban redistribution; from the story of computational design methods, international projects and technological innovation, to travel as the primary engine of inexhaustible inspiration. The latent energy of architectural works is evoked through musical scenes set in different parts of the world, where different musicians hit spatially distant notes that meet in a single composition that breaks down distances and projects man into his natural habitat, that of the cities of tomorrow.

Location: Cinema Arta


15 october, Saturday:
16:30 – The Importance Of Being An Architect (70’)
17:50 – Noise (6’) PREMIER
17:56 – The relationship between architecture and art – Discussion with Török Áron, Bordás Szabolcs László Zsigmond Pál architects, and the creators of the  Noise short film (Vass Zsuzsanna director-actress, Bezsán Noémi choreographer-performer, Kónya Ütő Bence actor-musician) Moderator: Lázár Prezsmer Endre

16 october, Sunday:
15:30 – The Importance Of Being An Architect (70′)
16:50 – Noise (6′)

The programmes are sold as a package on both days, for which the entrance fee is 10 lei.

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October 15, 2022