The ‘Tünet Együttes’ ensemble is an association of artists who do not know genre limits – in their shows, they regard text, movement, music and visualness as equal elements, but are also fond of special technical solutions. They process day to day subjects that interest and concern all of us. Their show ‘Wonders of the Night’ – whose genre is dance, tulle, tablet – tells the story of two young people coming together. The source of inspiration for the production is the poem bearing the same title by Sándor Weöres, appearing on stage as an absurd, unregulated, free world, full of hallucinations, being complemented by the paintings, graphic works and animations of fine artists Ildikó Mezei and Éva Taskovics. Bence Samu has been working on a software called Animata since 2007. With its help, the objects and shapes created by the girl drawing on the stage can be brought to life. The world projected and the dancers develop an extremely strange and surreal relationship – the lines are brought to life, interact with living beings and reality and image become relative.

16 September, 8 p.m., Háromszék/Trei Scaune dance studio

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