The Municipality of Sfântu Gheorghe has committed to support the creative freedom, fact revealed by the opening statement of the Deputy Major,  Éva-Judit Sztakics, and the pulzArt Contemporary Art Festival has become one of the most significant event of the programme ”Sfântu Gheorghe -Sepsiszentgyörgy – Culture Capital of Sekler Land”. If you focus on developing the cultural life of a city, the economic life will also revive – emphasised Éva-Judit Sztakics.
The official opening ceremony of the Festival was held on Thursday afternoon in the city’s new main square, and the participants, eager to see the results of the programme ”VitrinArt”, have started their tour of window-shopping. This project is the fortunate encounter of the arts and the business sector, thanks to which seven artists and seven inner-city shop owners, cooperate together and renovate shop windows, highlighted Timea Nagy Veres, the coordinator of this programme.
The first stop was Júlia’s gift shop, run by Mr and Mrs Sándor. This shop window was colored and renewed by the work of the artist from Miercurea Ciuc, Imola Veres, who being insipred by the theme of autumn, made a unique, harmonious, rich work of art. In the shop window of the male fashion shop ”Luxor”, the artist from Sfântu Gheorghe, Eszter Péter, has made a paper suit with a multiply collar, that makes her work raise to a real work of art.  Rozália Simon, the owner of the shop, said she welcomed the initiative, she has waited for a long time to make a change and she is open to continue this change. Zoltán Kópis, the owner of the honey shop said the same thing, pointing out that his window’s influence was felt immediately, as people actually stopped to watch and this has not happened before. The artist from Miercurea Ciuc, Ferencz S. Apor, arranged the shop window in a nice, attractive way, decorating it with contemporary photographs, old and modern beekeeping items. From the seven stores, perhaps the greatest challenge was given by the Dajka shop, as this baby store had no shop windows in the traditional sense,  but because of the nature of the store, there were more beautiful materials to be used. The two students of the Arts and Folk High School, Beáta Nagy and István Kocsis, together with the shop owner József Oláh, have come up with larger plans and dreams, including the firewall, working on a concept embracing the whole building. Esther György, the artist from Sfântu Gheorghe, living in Miercurea Ciuc, said she was glad that she had to rearange the window of the craft shop, as this world is close to her and she felt important to rearrange the window in a way as to emphasize the usefulness of handicraft product. The artist, Szidónia Szerderjesi, originally from Miercurea Ciuc, living in Sfântu Gheorghe, has rearranged the shop window of the organic shop ”Natur Island” in a Scandinavian-style, enriching it with a recycled cardboard shelving system designed by Fekete Balint. The shop window became modern, youthful, we needed this change, acknowledged the idea Zita Csutak, the owner of this shop. The last viewed showcase was that of the second-hand shop ”Bubu Cris”, which was a good example to see that even a shop that sells second-hand clothes can have an extraordinary window display. This shop window was made by Zsuzsa Bagoly and  Enikő Daczó, artists from Sfântu Gheorghe, within the ”VitrinArt” event.