► A lyrical voyage awaits you as Musspell takes the stage in the pulsating line-up of the pulzParty event sequence!

Musspell, an emerging band rooted in Cluj-Napoca, was born in the spring of 2019 through the creative talents of Anna Bölöni (vocals, guitar) and Noémi Diána Dósa (vocals, microkorg). The band has a deep connection to northern motifs, which take centre stage in their music. They weave these motifs with a blend of melancholic and playful elements, resulting in lyric-centric songs that carry a profound message. Their pieces revolve around the inherent value of nature, mirroring the band’s own state of mind and connection to the world around them.

However, the true hallmark of Musspell’s music lies in their intricate vocal harmonies. These harmonies, combined with the fusion of guitar and analogue bass, intermingle seamlessly with electronic elements, creating a fresh and incredibly rich soundscape.

Date: 15th of September, Friday, 23:00

Location: Szimpla Saint George

► Norbert Filus, aka BéTé (who also goes by the name Suhov), a Hungarian DJ and producer, is invited to take us on a journey through the relics of a forgotten era, as part of the pulzParty event series. As a musical architect, BéTé revitalises old sounds through a distinctive formula that brings out new aromas with a nostalgic touch.

His music spans from funk, nu-disco, folk, psychedelic, nu-jazz and tribal to global bass, oriental, afro beats and folk dub. BéTé is a multidirectional musician who can either walk you through ethnic sceneries and global rhythms within the psychedelia sphere or can take you off on a dazzling trip to hip-hop, trip-hop, breaks, Hungarian beats, and groovy instrumental sounds hard to find.

Norbert, as a truthful multi-disciplinary new-age youngster, has been producing music for a decade now. He also has two independent Hungarian record labels: an underground hip-hop label Sun Side Records, and Turan Disco, mostly associated with a more universal experience and sounds. His unique music palette has landed him in various music venues, parties, and big festivals such as OZORA.

Date: 16th of September, Saturday, 00:30
Location: Szimpla Saint George