pulzArt Contemporary Arts Festival, 8th edition

Besides inviting renowned artists, our mission is to seek out hidden gems and upcoming talents from all around the world, to present them to our open-minded audience. For a few days, we open small windows on the cultural trends that have recently made their mark in the world of arts. We love to connect our community to fresh, thought-provoking, inspiring, experimental, innovative or visceral experiences. We explore modern art variations from performances to public installations, workshops, live sessions, concerts, exhibitions etc.


After two years of hiatus, time has come for us to reevaluate ourselves and our environment. We are searching for the balance between our pent-up desires for safety and adventure. PulzArt, together with our invited artists and the audience, wants to take part in reassessing our everyday lives, which is why the theme of this year’s edition is reInvent. In an era of change, we are particularly concerned about adapting to our new present, recontextualising and structural change. What do we keep from our past? What do we integrate from these previous two years full of new experiences? How can we adapt to the future? This year’s pulzArt focuses on individual and collective change, experimentation, reexamination, (self-)reflection.