pulzArt Contemporary Arts Festival, 9th edition

In addition to hosting renowned artists, we are on a mission to discover hidden gems and emerging talents from around the world to introduce them to our audiences open to new experiences. For a couple of days, we will open small windows on cultural trends that have recently made their mark on the world of arts. We find joy in connecting our community with fresh, thought-provoking, inspiring, experimental, boundary-pushing and visceral experiences. We explore variations of contemporary art through performances, workshops, installations, concerts, exhibitions, and meet-ups.

pulzArt micro

Individual and (micro)community. How do individual worlds form a community? Together, side by side? Through infiltration, pulsating together? As counterpoints, holding up mirrors to one another? Or through interactions?

This year, pulzArt seeks possible answers to these and similar questions in the language of art. This year’s festival edition focuses on individual responses to community life and creation, personal reflections that create / shape the community, expressed through art.