► Indulge in a sonic voyage like no other at the 9th pulzArt, where we introduce you to the enigmatic soundscapes of Gábor Tokár’s alter-ego.

Ficture’s sonic tapestry is an intriguing amalgamation of diverse sound sources, transcending traditional boundaries. From the delicate nuances of field recordings to the enchanting depths of analogue synthesizers, Ficture’s artistry knows no limits. Here, the world around us becomes a potential canvas for musical expression.

What truly sets Ficture apart is the electrifying live experience. It’s a symphony of simultaneous control over acoustic drums, an array of controllers, synths, and effects, all harnessed in an improvisational marvel. Here, live looping and sampling are masterfully employed, resulting in a multi-instrumental odyssey that defies expectations.

Date: 16th of September, Saturday, 23:00
Location: Szimpla Saint George

► Brace yourselves, Danaga’s live act is set to ignite the pulzParty scene through the vibrant tapestry of electronic sounds and storytelling!

Danaga (Daniel Aga) embarked on his musical adventure back in 1998, initially as a vocal singer and guitarist in a rock band. However, it didn’t take long for his passion for music to evolve.

Fast forward a decade, he made a bold move, selling his motorcycle to acquire his very first computer. This pivotal moment marked the transition to the world of electronics, where Danaga’s unique sound began to take shape.

He describes his musical creations as “homemade hard listening electronic.” It’s a mesmerizing fusion of diverse genres, drawing inspiration from the 60s and 70s electronic music, jazz, hip-hop, funk, house, and a rich selection of Eastern European folklore. Danaga’s sonic alchemy has led to collaborations with notable artists such as Florin Tarlea, Mihai Pop, and Mircea Florian.

His talent has shone brightly on various platforms, with his original productions featured on the Culese din Cartier (Harvests from the Neighbourhood) compilation, curated by the renowned Romanian band Subcarpați. Additionally, his work graced the Buzz RO! 2011 compilation, released by Local Records.

Danaga’s debut album, Am n-aripi (I have no-wings) is a collection of poignant stories that delve into the contemporary, alienated human experience, as individuals strive to find their true selves.

Date: 17th of September, Sunday 00:00
Location: Szimpla Saint George

► Get ready to groove to the beats of Vekt, a star-studded addition to the 9th pulzArt festival’s party line-up!

Allow us to introduce you to the man behind the decks: Vekt, also known as József Halmen. Born in Târgu Mureș, Transylvania, he now calls Cluj-Napoca home, where he wears multiple hats as a concert and party organiser, and a dynamic promoter.

Vekt’s journey into the world of music began during his high school years when he teamed up with Barabas to create the dynamic duo, Fishman ft. Barabas. Initially, their parties were small, intimate gatherings among friends. However, it didn’t take long for their magnetic energy and beats to catch the attention of bigger clubs and festivals, propelling them onto grander stages.

Fast forward to the present, the artist is focusing on his solo project, Vekt. Vekt has released tracks with Let it Out Records (UK) and Blue Soho Recordings (Turkey) and won a Beethoven remix contest. In 2022, Elégia (Elegy), a single of his, was featured in a Cafe de Anatolia compilation.

His musical palette spans a range of genres, including house, tribal, acid, organic house, ethnic house, downtempo, and trip-hop.

Date: 17th of September, Sunday, 1:00
Location: Szimpla Saint George