Hidden Orchestra invited their public into a one-of-a-kind journey. Do not think though of a spiritual kind of journey, but rather of a journey into the middle of the unfolding drama, where the struggle between life and death takes place, and where you are able to smell the blood, touch the viscosity of oil, the burning of fire, and where overwhelming elementary energies are unleashed. The music, which resonates with visual rhythms found in nature, is industrial and organic at the same time, metallic but also woolly, and it rhymes with the dynamic of headlights and the wick set alight, being saturated up to the point of explosion, but at the same time fragile, too (such as the filigree petals of a budding flower).

“You are here to witness and celebrate the wonders of the world” – says a powerful male voice in one of the plays, and indeed, we experienced a complex and powerful audio-visual pleasure. And just to make you realise how privileged the public in Sfantu Gheorghe is for welcoming Hidden Orchestra for the opening of the 4th edition of pulzArt festival, I am leaving you with the below picture, taken from the website of the band (the world-famous Royal Albert Hall hosts the concerts of the most well-acclaimed musicians worldwide).

Betty Farcádi-Plájás