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Described as “puppet pioneers” and “the UK’s puppet masters”, Blind Summit is reinventing puppetry for modern adult audiences. The company was founded in 1997 and since then has worked on productions around the world. Since 2011, The Table has toured to about 25 countries with over 300 performances.

The main character of the show is Moses, a cantankerous 3 man operated puppet with a cardboard head… who lives on a table. Blind Summit has asked him to use his table to tell the epic story of Moses leading the Israelites to freedom. But he’s not too sure about the whole idea. Plus he gets easily distracted.

Unique and very funny, this is improvised puppetry like you have never seen before. Our table-top philosopher explains the nature of puppetry, has disagreements with his puppeteers, flirts with female audience members, unpicks the bible and has an unfortunate mishap with an invisible running machine.

The Table is not a children’s puppet show but instead a work of surprising humanity.

This is an award-winning, epic puppetry inspired by Beckett, the Bible, and Ikea.

The performance is in english language (accessible).

14/15 September, 19:00 ► Dance Studio

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