The story of the work of Miklós Paizs is a continuation of the performance of the Don Giovanni performance in Vienna: the protagonist Leporello finds a job, which is nothing less than performance of his boss’s story in miniature, with the help of puppets.
The finger puppet opera was a very thorough re-thinking of a performance by Balázs Simon, made in 2005. The piece is dedicated to adults, it consists of two acts, its length is approx. 3 hours.

Booklet: Miklós Paizs
Puppets: Edit Kondor, Miklós Paizs
Behind the scenes: Manufaktor
The performance is accompanied by Szabolcs Medveczky, rehearser, musician and conductor of the National Theater of Győr.

*The language of the programme is hungarian.

16 September, 15:00, Kamara Hall

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