Don’t get fooled by the title 🙂

“PARTY” is the first show of Incipient, the emerging theatre platform. Tom Basden’s play, directed by Alin Uberti, will be performed in front of the Sfântu Gheorghe audience on Saturday 16 September at 19:00 at the Andrei Mureșanu Theatre, after the premiere in Bucharest.

The show reflects the subtleties of inter-human relationships, which, under the umbrella of misinformation and naivety, create comic effects that simultaneously manage to make you think. The show combines humour and introspection directed by Alin Uberti, for whom “PARTY” is the first staging of a comedy.

Is “PARTY” a mirror-show of our society? Come & see!

Cast: Bogdan Iancu, Vlad Pânzaru, Luca Rădulescu, Kiki Simion, Alexandra Oiște, Tiberius Zavelea Set design: Cosmin Stancu

Translation: Răzvan Mîndruță

Cultural project co-financed by the Administration of the National Cultural Fund. 

Date: Saturday, 16 September, 19:00

Location: Andrei Mureșanu Theatre

Admission is free, seats must be reserved by e-mail at or by phone at 0725112225.