Listening to Persian Empires Music will send you on a surprising trip: on new sounds, changing rythems and atmospheres you didn’t expect to be experiencing in the first place. His rootes can be found in 2step/bass music but his tracks are so much more than that. Inspired by music of different genre from jazz to Iranian folk music, (and of course drummers from all eras) he always reaches out to surprise his audience by challenging himself combining these differences in his unique way.

So Founding his own label Prrrrrrr-Records in Year 2015 was just the obvious next step for the 23 year old persian who already was a reviewed international producer. Finding new talents and supporting them worldwide in their outreach has been a challenge and pleasure for him since.

Persian Empire combines sentimental-heartbreaking synthysounds with unique and musically highly challenging drum sets and finds himself to be one of the very special new music talents in Germany. Playing live has always been part of Persian Empires daily musical routines. His setup combines 2 loopmachines (kaoss pad 3) coupled with one beatmachine (SP-555) and his Synth (Nord Lead). His live-sets are known to be vigerously, (yet) smooth and most importantly; vibrant. Seeing him actually playing live in concerts is one unique experience as only a few other electronic musician can bring to live at this time.

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