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Slam poetry, spoken word, rap, jazz etno – Outspoken and social-critical production

“Like someone who You did not send, but figures it out.
Like someone, who is searching, like death”

The formation was conceived by István Pion, one of the most outstanding Hungarian representatives of slam poetry, where the genius of his musicians is organized around his own texts.

The three members of the band have been working together for a long time in various projects and felt that time has come to adopt a whole new kind of musical world, which is only in development in Hungary and Europe. The text-based approach is inherent in rhythmic pulsation and cryptic silence, but also in classical jazz and XXI. century pop culture, including trap-based raps.
In addition to István Pion, the formation is made up of two outstanding representatives of the Hungarian underground: Gergely Okos and András Weil are mixed pairs, and they make the most of Pion’s lyrics together.

István Pion – slam, spoken word, rap
Gergely Okos – drums, vocals
András Weil – keyboard, vocals

*The language of the programme is hungarian.

September 13., 18:00  ► Kamara hall

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