The judging of the contest of projects for the installations on the public space during the Festival of Contemporary Arts pulzArt7 was completed. Based on the criteria previously established, the jury awarded the highest score to those projects that met most of the criteria of separation, thus ranking on the first three places.

At the end of July, the organizers launched the invitation to join the contestants with projects of public installations, that surprise with simplicity and ingenuity, inspire the public and arouse intense emotions and, last but not least, have not been exhibited in any other exhibition. In total, seven projects were submitted to the organizing team of PulzArt7, out of which the ones ranked in the first three positions were selected.

One of the winning projects is that of the competitor Bartha Beáta, who convinced the jury with his work, entitled “A (maze)”. The proposed installation will serve as a meeting point and resting place during the festival, both for young people and participants in the festival, as well as for the general public. The frame of the installation is made of a metallic structure, to which are added two other materials: a survival foil and a waterproof tarpaulin.

Another work appreciated by the members of the jury of this competition is “Ballance”, by Fekete Bálint from Sfântu Gheorghe. At the base of the interactive installation proposed by this competitor is a dry tree, on which are placed several disks of various materials by turning the LEDs located along the branches. Among the materials used, not only wood, but also stone, metal and plastic play an important role, symbolizing the different periods of development of humanity. “Ballance” also aims to suggest that, through the correct and responsible use of materials, humanity could reach a balance in the future.

The third winner is Benedek Levente, with an outdoor installation entitled “Paradise Lost”. It aims to draw attention in a particular way to the recycling of paper waste. His work is a “laboratory” in which something that seemed dead and useless is brought back to life. In short, the paper waste is soaked several days in a row, dried and then put in the ground, so that later it is planted in a fertile soil where they are brought back to life, by a very interesting technique. During the festival, the public will be able to follow different stages of plant growth by this unique method.

In the process of selecting the three winning installations, the jury took into account some essential aspects, among them the uniqueness, simplicity, the specificity of the place, the feasibility and the meticulousness, also pointing to the quality of the content and the aesthetic value of the projects.

The three winning installations will be exhibited in the Central Square of Sfântu Gheorghe for the entire duration of the festival pulzArt7, respectively September 19-22.