The differences between generations and the possible tensions between them are immortal subjects that should be addressed at any age. But what do we really know about today’s youth? We know they were born in the new millennium and that they bear different names: Generation Z, or “digital natives”.
The SMS game and the exhibition that opens the 5th edition of pulzArt is trying to bring youngsters closer to the rest of generations. The exhibition contains a selections of messages sent via SMS or other chat platforms and will be available to watch on the balustrade of the Olt bridge, throughout the whole period of the pulzArt festival. The exhibition organized within the Year of Community Participation is a compilation of voluntarily submitted message exchange, thus providing a kind of introspection in the emotional life, the thoughts of youngsters. The opening of the exhibition is also the official opening of the 5th edition of the pulzArt festival.

This year, the 5th edition of the pulzArt Contemporary Art Festival will take place between the period of August 31 – September 3 and will once again cross borders, raise questions and encourage participants to be open and willing to explore together the different artistic efforts that take place in the contemporary world. “This year we have managed to create a strong international program, two musical productions and one theater performance from the UK, but we will have guests even from Germany, France, Austria, Poland and Japan. However, we believe it is important for local artists to be known as well, an example of a beautiful collaboration being the fact that the Japanese Anchorsong will appear on stage along with the local String Quartet “said Barta Mónika, the pulzArt Festival Coordinator.

This year, the common caracteristic of the performances is again the artistic creativity, most performers looking for new ways of expressing themselves, their art being characterized by fusion and the need for experimentation. The festival will include again the entire city, for four days the city being coloured by musical, artistic, literary, theatrical performances, discussions and parties, offering the opportunity to get acquainted with other cultures.

The ”Ugly Duck” performed by the British theater “Finger & Thumb Theater” presents a magical world, while creatively using everyday objects, it delights the audience with humor. Also in the 5th edition of the PulzArt Festival, the audience will be able to watch the theatre performance of the film “Ernelláék Farkaséknál”, signed by Hajdu Szabolcs, awarded with multiple awards.

The photo exhibition entitled “Crosstalk” by Hajdú Tamás presents the damaged flats, neighborhoods, known to us all, but somehow full of love, humor and sensitivity. The MAGMA Contemporary Art Exhibition Space will offer the opportunity to participate at a performance of object mapping, meaning space projections, a performance of lights presented by the internationally renamed visual artist Bordos László Zsolt, who was inspired by geometric shapes.

Contemplative musical world

The music of the trio ”Mammal Hands” from the UK is determined by contemporary jazz, but the band is also often inspired by the Islamic esoteric music that is in search of the truth, as well as the tribal music of African shamanic rituals or folk music from East Europe.

The music of the German band ”Persian Empire” basically combines the sound of DJ with the sound of jazz, but also offers plenty of space for all drum-based music: the musician’s intent is, that through creative challenge, to create a diverse sound, a more colorful sound from an artistic point of view. The Austrian ”Kimyan Law Live” ‘s caracteristic (originally from Congo) is given by drum&bass, but it is also characterized by playfulness, in which the impact of Congo can be often detected, and the tribal music, the African musical instruments are also present, dramatically changing the sound.

The most well-knowm three contemporary Japanese music producers make up the Tokyo Sound Land. Ametsub, Daisuke Tanabe and Anchorsong compose their music live, also featuring a live show. At the 5th edition of pulzArt, the band appears in a whole new aspect: Ametsub and Anchorsong represent Tokyo Sound Land, both presenting individual performances, but Anchorsong’s performance will take place in collaboration with the String Quartet from Sfântu Gheorghe. The musicians of String Quartet are: Bocsárdi Magor, Kónya Ütő Bence, Lőrinczi Zsolt and Daniel Ardelean.

The music “Générique” of Iszlai József and Albert-Nagy Örs is the place where electronic, acoustic instruments – guitar, saxophone – and spoken word are mingled in fine matters. The common sound is determined by the individual road they have crossed, the musical path behind them.

At the border between genres

The performance entitled Hakanaï, presented by the duo Adrien M & Claire B from France, combines the haiku dance with digital art. It is a choreographic performance that takes place in front of the spectator through a series of pictures in motion.

The performance of the Polish producer Janek Turkowski “Margarita” has a special story, in 2008 the author found 64 pieces of 8mm film rolls in a flea market near the Polish-German border. The rolls contain the image of a woman from East Germany, the so-called Margarete Ruhbe. Based on these film rolls, the artist has rebuilt the woman’s life.

Selection of writers at pulzArt

What can be said about Peer Krisztián, apart from what he already mentioned about himself? Perhaps it is not an exaggeration to say that it is rare to meet an artist with such clarity and self-reflection, who speaks so freely about the most intimate moments of his life, the death of his love, which inspired his new volume on the scene of contemporary Hungarian literature and his own place in it. The poet visits for the first time the city of Sfântu Gheorghe, his conversation partner being Fekete Vince.

The participants at pulzArt will also be able to meet one of the most famous figures of contemporary Romanian literature belonging to the 1980s, Florin Iaru, poet, prose writer and publicist from Bucharest, the author of the weekly satirical magazine Caţavencii. The conversation partner of the poet will be Adrian Lăcătuş, a literary critic from Braşov.

A detailed schedule will be available soon.

Organizers: Kónya Ádám” Cultural Centre, Sfântu Gheorghe Townhall

Co-organizers: Bod PéterCounty Library, the ‘Magma’ Contemporary Art Exhibition Space , the ‘Tone Troopers’ Audio-visual Association

Parteners: Covasna County Council, The Háromszék (‘Three Chairs’) Dance Ensemble, The ‘Tamási Áron’ Theatre, The ’M Studio’ Movement Theatre, The ’Cimborák’ Puppet Theatre, The Transilvanian Art Centre, The Arcade House, The ‘MUKK’ Culture and Youth Association, Kónya et Kónya Ponopol, ‘Köntés’ Gallery,‘Tein’ Teahouse

Sponsored by the National Cultural Fund of Hungary (Nemzeti Kulturális Alap – NKA), The Hungarian Society of Writers (Szépírók Társasága).