This year’s pulzArt workshops took place indoors but were open to all. The little ones discovered the joy of creating with the workshop facilitated by Talking Brushes: they painted bright colors on white stones or canvas, but could also try out a range of natural dyes, ‘spice dyes’ made from turmeric, cocoa powder, spirulina or cinnamon. The not-so-little ones drew mandalas and white decorations on black paper and black on white paper. The creative writing workshop, facilitated by Horváth Benji, led participants through 4 days of exercises, from putting everyday thoughts and events on paper, to filling them with emotions, colors and smells, and then to making a collective piece of work that leaves the imprint of the workshop behind.

Sansula, metallophone, singing bowl, didgeridoo, drum machine, kaoss pad, bongo, darbuka – these strange sound-making instruments were on display for all who visited the Sound Workshop. Curious faces, sensitive ears attentive to every beat and captivating sound effects filled the spaces of the Lábasház/Casa cu Arcade and Art Gallery during the community music-making sessions, as well as during the recording of improvised ‘sound works’. In the basement of the MAGMA contemporary art exhibition space, the atmosphere of the 90s came alive on the embroidery canvas under the diligent hands of the participants. Experienced members of Sfântu Gheorghe’s handcraft and decorative arts workshops joined visual artist Cătălina Nistor’s ABC90 embroidery workshop and helped to teach embroidery techniques. In this way, our town became part of a contemporary work of art, using the techniques of our folkloric heritage, embroidering on white cloth the events, life, fashion and memories of the 90s. Approximately ten of these works were completed by the end of the workshop and will surely be seen again in exhibition halls at home and abroad.