Finding your own artistic voice – Call it style, call it feeling, but call it yours…

The workshop is a short-term laboratory in which different theatre practices are examined and investigated in a simple exemplary way. We try to deal with an advanced understanding of theatre that goes beyond the borders of the conventional theatre (initialized) system and their aesthetics. Following the usual traditional theatre education, but questioning its fixed ideas and conventions to encourage innovative and subjective forms, we try to develop and implement new ideas or even think about possible new visions of theatre-making and thinking.

Participants are invited during this two-day experience of open-minded brainstorming and free tryouts, to define their core area and decide on their own subjects, topics, and issues they want to engage with.

The open form of the workshop and the possibility to individually shape the exercises gives participants an opportunity to argue and think about their personal approach, style, and aesthetics towards theatre.

Additionally, we will discuss administrative issues, like implementing your own artistic work as a professional freelance artist. The workshop does not only focus on Hungarian or Romanian theatre but also looks at trends of the international theatre scene.

My ambition is to encourage participants in their individual creativity, to motivate them to represent their unique work in order to take responsibility for their artistic authorship.

We hold something that no other living thing in this world has, we can think freely, we can imagine, we can do anything we want… and we can do art. Why not make it yours?

The workshop is suited for curious performing artists and students, who are motivated and want to take the challenge of searching, advancing and critically examining their theatre skills. In other words, it is for people who want to develop (or find) their own artistic language.

All artists with basic experience in the fields of acting, dance, puppetry or any other performing art form are welcome. Other essential requirements for the workshop are a high urge for independence, self-reflection, and collaborative working skills.

For the common base of the work, we need at least one exemplary monologue presented on stage. This will be the starting point for the discussions and the exercises, so make sure you have at least a 3-5 minute performance of a classical monologue.

► The languages of the Workshop are Hungarian, Romanian and English / German.

► Maximum number of participants: 15

► Time of workshop: 13. Sept. 10:00-19:00, 14 & 15 Sept. 14:00-19:00

► Workshop location: Cimborák Puppet Theatre

► The participation fee is 100 RON, which includes a ticket for “The Prince Who Desired Immortality” and “The Table” on Friday, September the 15th, as well as a lunch on the first day (September the 13th) of the workshop.

► To apply, fill out the application form here: and we will get back to you with further details!

► Application deadline: September 10.

This 3-day workshop is lead by Hunor Horváth, who achieved a masters degree in Performative and Multimedia Arts in Bern (2015), after graduating the Theatre and Film Directing faculty of Athanor Akademie (Prof. Dr. David Esrig) in Burghausen (2011). He is currently continuing his master’s studies in the field of Culture Management in Basel while attending a Theatre and Music Management course in München.

He attended numerous workshops lead by renowned companies and artists like Dr. Prof. David Esrig, Alexej Lewinsky and Rainer Dobernig, Yves Marc, Ivo Dimchev, Nils Torpus, Rimini Protokoll, She She Pop, Gob Squad, Need Company, Ana Mendes, just to name a few.

After being the project manager of the Arts University in Bern for three years, since 2015 he is manager and teacher at Athanor Theatre and Film University in Passau.

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