Always surprising by the special program it prepares for its audience, PulzArt also comes this year with an attractive offer of theater, concerts, film and literature. Those interested can already purchase tickets for the events they want to attend. These are available online, on the website, but can also be purchased physically from the Municipal Ticket Office, open from Monday to Thursday between 9am and 4pm and Friday, from 9am to 1pm.

Ticket prices for PulzArt events range from 10 to 30 lei. Students and retirees benefit from a 50% discount, but they must bear in mind that they can only purchase tickets physically, from the Municipal Ticket Office, where they will be presented with a card or any other relevant document.

The 7th edition of PulzArt will open on Thursday, September 19th, in the Great Hall of the Tamási Áron Theater, with a special concert held by the British from Ishmael Ensemble, famous for their original way of performing harmonious fusion between jazz and electronic music. The entrance ticket is 30 lei.

Also Thursday, but also the following evening, will be able to watch the theater show Pickled Image: Coulrophobia, which will bring before the spectators the ridiculous adventure of two captive clowns in a cardboard world, from which they are trying to break free. The show is presented in English, is aimed at people over 16 years old and will take place in the Háromszék Dance Studio. The cost of an entire ticket is 30 lei.

On Saturday, September 21st, in the Háromszék Dance Studio, the Replika Educational Theater Center in Romania presents the one-woman show Limits, which addresses the issue of deficiencies in the education system in our country. Presented in the Romanian language, the show has an English subtitle and is recommended only for those who have passed 14 years. The whole ticket costs 20 lei.

Also on Saturday, the little ones will be able to watch The History of Aviation, a puppet theater show presented by MárkusZínház, which is aimed at children over 6 years old and will have two performances in the same evening, respectively from 5 PM and 7:30 PM (at the Cimborák Puppet Theater), but it can be watched on Sunday, September 22nd, from 6pm (at Kamara Hall). The price of a ticket is 10 lei.

Saturday night will conclude with a concert by the Cédric Hanriot Trio, which combines jazz, pop and groove, playfully exploring famous international themes from Katy Perry’s pop, Nirvana’s rock or Massive Attack’s electronic music. Access to the event that will be held in Szimpla will be made on the basis of a ticket worth 20 lei.

The dependence of the young people on the technology and the problems derived from it will be exhibited artistically in front of the public from pulzArt, on the last day of the festival, when the show Concord Floral, of the Hungarian State Theater in Cluj, is scheduled. Presented in Hungarian with subtitles in Romanian and English, the show is not recommended for pregnant women, epilepsy patients and spectators with heart pacemakers, which could be disturbed by powerful visual and sound effects. A ticket to this theatrical event, which can be watched at the Háromszék Dance Studio, costs 20 lei.

Sunday evening will bring rare moments of fusion between music and literature to the festival audience, during a training event, entitled Libikóka and presented by Grecsó Krisztián and Hrutka Róbert, in the Háromszék dance studio. The cost of a ticket is 20 lei.

This year’s edition of the Festival of Contemporary Arts pulzArt will end in the Great Hall of the Tamási Áron Theater, with a unique symphonic concert incorporated in electronics, Live with Strings, supported by the young artist Alexandre Kordzaia, known as “Kordz”. Alongside this, there will be ten other local artists with string instruments, which will give uniqueness to the musical moment of the evening. The ticket for the closing concert is worth 30 lei.

Photos, texts and videos presenting the events, as well as other useful information are available on the festival’s website,

Thank you for joining us!