Who would think that one of the most prominent representatives of origami art, linked to Japanese culture, is living in the politically vibrating country of Egypt?

The word “ori” (paper) and “kami”(folding), which, thanks to the logic of Japanese language, changed to gami, resulted the compound word, which has conquered the world, since it creates forms without gluing, cutting, only with pure logic and skill. Every form has its function, each having an effect on humans – in OzOz’s view, this is the very essence of paper-folding.

The Arab spring did not leave the art, nor origami cold: Ossama Mohamed Helmy Farag, otherwise known as OzOz, comes from the Arab Origami Center, from Alexandria, to present an origami workshop and installation. The workshop is free of charge, covers two hours every day and targets both children and adults, and the created works can be taken home by all participants.

OzOz will have a special interactive installation and workshop event on Friday, September the 14th in the Tamási Áron Theatre from 17:00.

13 September, 17:00 ►’56 Memorial Park

15 September, 11:00/17:00 ►’56 Memorial Park

16 September, 11:00 ►’56 Memorial Park