Double or…cooking! – Gastroliterary event with Hungarian writers András Cserna-Szabó and Benedek Darida

Join us on a double literary and gastronomic event with writers András Cserna-Szabó and Benedek Darida, who will cook Milanese-style tripe (trippa alla milanese / busecca) from 15:00, while talking about the correlations between cooking, writing and personal lives, followed by an open discussion with András Cserna-Szabó, moderated by Szabolcs Szonda, the director of the “Bod Péter” County Library starting from 17:00.

András Cserna-Szabó is one of the most productive and ingenious contemporary Hungarian writers, with overflowing imagination and an appetite for a way of telling stories that instantly absorbs the reader. His prose explores vast areas of individual and collective existence, historical times and the continuous present, yet remaining permanently connected to the mundane daily life with all the sublime and ordinary, sad and joyous, real and grotesque or ironic in it. He is also the author of some well-known gastro-culinary writings, as well as significant contributor and editor of several prestigious literary and cultural magazines in Hungary. He has published more than ten volumes of his own or co-authored novels (novels, including gastro-novels, short-stories, essays). Several of his writings were translated into English, German, Polish, Romanian and even Vietnamese, his literary activity being rewarded with several important prizes.

Benedek Darida defines himself as “an editor, occasional penman and a hobby cook”. He is co-author, along with András Cserna-Szabó, of the book Nagy macskajajkönyv (something like: The Great Dictionary of Hangovers), published in several editions, also being translated to Polish and Vietnamese. He is the author of the gastro-touristic guidebook entitled Grand Budapest written in English. He publishes in magazines and anthologies writings on various topics, mostly culinary. He also participates at different cultural and literary events as a chef.

Time and location: IX. 22. ► 15:00 and 17:00 ► Szimpla Saint George

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