We’re bringing you freshly crafted artwork by local artists at accessible prices.

Let’s shine the spotlight on a place where you can buy art directly from our local artists. At the fair, art enthusiasts can choose from more than 60 pieces created by 20 invited artists. We’re also offering affordable prices, making it possible for you to acquire your first piece of art and get a comprehensive view of the world of local contemporary art, featuring both established and emerging artists.

The selection offered at the fair serves as a “teaser” for contemporary art, allowing you to explore the full spectrum of genres and styles during pulzArt.

We’ve put together a selection where a wide range of perspectives can coexist: abstract, colourful, realistic, melancholic, enigmatic, black and white, geometric, minimalist, grotesque, nihilistic, goes with your furniture, makes a great gift or investment, groundbreaking, or traditional – no matter what theme you’re looking for, we have an artwork for it!

Besides all that, we provide reference points for those who are just entering the diverse world of contemporary art and are finding it difficult to navigate the huge “visual noise”.

Opening: 14th of September, 2023, Thursday, 17:30
Opened by: Dr. Irene Kányádi, art historian
Curators: visual artists Orsolya Baász, Lehel Szabó, and Enikő Daczó
Artists: Levente Albert, Orsolya Baász, Pálma Baász, Enikő Daczó, Barna Deák, Ria Deák M., Barna Éltes, Szidónia Kozma, Mária Miklóssy, Szabolcs Nagy, Barb Nicu, Alpár Péter, Mátyás Sárosi, Enikő Simó, Tünde Sipos Gaudi, Botond Szabó, Lehel Szabó, Gusztáv Ütő, László Vajna, Mihály Vargha, Attila Voicui.

Installation by Enikő Daczó

The exhibition and fair will be accompanied by an installation reflecting on current artistic, visual and social issues. A network of arches that invite the viewer to enter through them.

Starting from the display window of the Art Gallery (venue of the art fair), various silver-coloured tube shapes (steam exhaust pipes) descend with varying thicknesses and lengths, intertwining with each other, filling the window, and gently extending out onto the outside area, establishing a physical connection between the two interlinked spaces.

It’s a temporary intervention, connecting spaces and forming unexpected pathways where reality communicates with a sense of fantasy, ultimately increasing the curiosity of visitors.

The installation is accompanied by a workshop. You can draw portraits on huge yellow balloons, using simple lines to paint eyes, mouths, noses, and ears. Giant faces will fill the space, promoting interactive engagement with the artwork.

Location: Art Gallery (Szabadság/Libertății Square 2.)

Opening hours: every day from 11:00 to 18:00

The exhibition and the fair are free of charge.

BAZ / ART workshop – portrait drawing on balloons / in front of the Art Gallery
► 16th of September ► 11:00