A mysterious, well-hidden writer, the “Hungarian Jack London” – as he is most often called is our invitee for the pulzArt 6. One cannot mention his name without speaking about the large brim of his hat which hides his face from the public or without mentioning his unique journeys. Those who read his works already recognise his unique, special and imaginative style, his point of view about literature, his strong/marked social criticism and his interpretation of the world which is mainly based upon the perspective of a photographer and of a naturalist / of a person who makes nature-study.

All we can know about Centauri Pennatus is that he was born in 1970 or 1972 and we also know his pseudonym. He appeared in the literary life in 2006 but showed himself to the public only ten years later in the Petofi Literary Museum from Budapest, after two presentations abroad. This January the Transylvanian public could have met him in Cluj Napoca.

His volumes: Pathos In Chaos (2007), Blue Angel (2008), Ice Cutter (2013, 2018), Jacob’s Stick (2016).

15 September, 18:00  ► Szimpla Sfântu Gheorghe