Perhaps, recently the most refreshing initiative, The Eye, a “literary and social criticism platform (loge) – when viewed from this perspective, but the dog is absolutely not ……” – stands on our Facebook site. Young, smart, daring, they are writing about things that we all care about a little bit, although we dare not to admit it. Although their texts are scientifically documented, they are not meant to be just for the ears of all-knowing doctors, but they force those who confront them, to be skeptical and judgmental. This year, they shall arrive to the pulzArt festival with a larger group of creative team and on the three days of the festival they shall keep lectures and discussions debating the following topics: Whose merit is the result or failure of an athlete, why is the athlete’s body so important and why every female Olympian’s result is due to a “man’s work”? Is there a legitimate violence, what is the culture of violence and what does “symbolic violence” mean? Whose space, whose urban space and whose power, whose street politics is this?

Excuse me, can I be all eyes on you?

September 16, 14:00, Theather’s Buffet
September 17, 14:00, Tein Teahouse
September 18, 14:00, Hostel Beer Pub

Photo: ©Suvi Hirvonen

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