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Title: I hope you’ll die next time 🙂
Director: Mihály Schwechtje
With: Kristóf Vajda, Szilvia Herr, Csaba Polgár, Judit Schell, Pál Mácsai
Genre: romantic thriller
Language: Hungarian
Subtitle: Romanian
Age limit: 12+

16-year-old Eszter is secretly in love with her English teacher, while Peter, also 16, is hopelessly in love with Eszter. One day the teacher announces that he will leave the school and will move to London. On the same day, Eszter gets a special farewell e-mail from the teacher…

The screening will be followed by an open discussion with director Mihály Schwechtje, playwright and drama teacher Boglárka Prezsmer and film distributor Csilla Nagy.

Time and location: IX. 20. ► 21:00 ► Cinema Arta