We invite the pulzArt festival audience to a remarkable performative theatre play, followed by a conversation with the creators. Nicolette Oproiu is the performer of the play csendsötét (silentdarkness), based on Tibor Noé Kiss’s book Beláthatatlan táj (Indefinite Landscape). Dramaturge: Julianna Zeck. Directed by: Zsófia Muhi. The duration of the play is 45 minutes.

Dorka, in her late twenties, is involved in a car accident and falls into a coma. Tibor Noé Kiss’s novel follows Dorka’s stream of consciousness, and through the perspective of other narrators, we witness the unfolding of a complicated love story and a crime thriller embedded in a social tableau. Nicolette Oproiu’s performance focuses on a single character: She sharpens Dorka’s perspective, as “silentdarkness” presents her life reconstructed from fragments of text. 

The central motif of the play is addiction and its various shades and forms. A topic that we often tend to treat as taboo. “silentdarkness” aims to draw attention to the fact that behind social stigmas, human destinies, complex family relationships, and parent-child connections lie.

The play is an experimental piece in several aspects. Dorka’s stream of consciousness in the novel leans towards surrealistic free verse, and the performance incorporates cross-genre elements, including singing, movement, dance, and various musical motifs.

Tibor Noé Kiss (1976, Budapest): Writer, journalist, editor. Until the age of seventeen, he was a registered football player. He studied journalism and sociology. His articles have been regularly published in Magyar Narancs, Magyar Hírlap, and Új Szó from Bratislava. He was the editor and website coordinator for the Jelenkor magazine, and the organizer of the literary event series called Irodalmi Diszkó (Literary Disco) in Pécs. Since July 2022, he lives in Slovenia.

His volumes include: Inkognitó, 2010, 2016 (Incognito); Aludnod kellene, 2014 (You Should Sleep) – for which he received the Pál Békés Award in 2015, an award intended for authors with particularly outstanding prose works; Beláthatatlan táj, 2020 (Indefinite Landscape) – for which he was awarded the Artisjus Award in 2021. Since 2016, his novels have been translated to four languages (Czech, German, Polish, and Slovenian), and his other works, short stories, and novel excerpts are available in four additional languages (Estonian, Croatian, Romanian, and Slovak).

Nicolette Oproiu was born in 1997 in Târgu Mureș. She graduated from the University of Arts of Târgu-Mureș with a degree in Multimedia and Performing Arts. She is currently working at Radio Târgu Mureș.

She sums up her creative credo as follows: “Besides acting on stage, I am interested in the multidisciplinarity of genres and the conscious training behind the creative process. I am exploring how the performing arts can bring us closer to the phenomena of the world, help us better understand them, and enable us to formulate real questions about our own existence.”

Date: 17th of September 17, Sunday
17:30 “csendsötét” – performative theater play
18:30 Meet and greet with writer Tibor Noé Kiss (HU) and actress Nicolette Oproiu. Discussion partner: Evelin György.

Location: Entrance Hall of the Tamási Áron Theatre
Recommended age: 18+