Burning circles, fireballs, fire devil sticks, music and dance, twirling sights and raising feelings, all this is happening in the magnetic attraction of the fire. Meanwhile, the Waltz of Flames tells a story, tells about the relationship of a man and a woman, the harmony of opposites, the fight of light and darkness, every beat of attraction and repulsion being described in this performance. Here we are, somewhere between entertainment and art.

Was it the exotic way of the production, the curiosity,or maybe the fire – as elemental force – we don’t know, but the performance of these fire jugglers filled the main square on Friday night. The ten-year track Hungarian band “Flame Flowers” grew out of a team who juggled as hobby and became famous during the talent show Hungary`s Got Talent 2015. They have been in Transylvania and performed here a lots of times, but it was the first time they came to Sfântu Gheorghe.

Haáb Róbert and Weszelovszky Anna, the joglers who appeared on stage, talk gladly about their beginnings. They told us, they saw a similar performance when they were in their twenties and fell in love with this art,  so they began to learn about this art, that spread in Hungary around the year 2000. Initially they watched movies on youtube, than later, they took part in workshops held abroad, today becoming the artists who cross the world with their performances. They are not circus acrobats, nor fire dancers, according to their own definition, they are somewhere between these two and although being a contemporary art performers, safety comes first, as they point out, one has to think very clear, has to be very lucid. After all, they are fire tamers. For our sake, within the 4th pulzArt festival they appeared in the maine sqaure of Sfântu Gheorghe two times and entretained us with their great performance.