Unusually, the opening concert of the 9th pulzArt was this time not an indoor, “seated” performance, but moved its participants to the Szimpla garden: DJ Bootsie Quartet opened the festival with a fascinating musical atmosphere, ranging from light rhythms to more upbeat tunes. M Studio lit up the atmosphere in the parking lot of the former Bodoc Hotel with their spectacular Fire Flow fire dance. Due to the rainy weather, the live performance Spirality moved from Elizabeth Park to the theater lobby, where Fekete Zsolt, Emcsi and Voiwode created their own meditative atmosphere. The improvised sound walk allowed the audience to explore the geometric shapes and sound textures of the mandala.

The Saint Ephraim Male Choir transformed first the Great Hall of the Tamási Áron Theatre into an African savannah and then, with a jingle of bells, into an ancient Byzantine cathedral. In their concert, medieval pilgrimage songs, Byzantine hymns, Hungarian folk songs and Orthodox liturgical chants were performed in a penetrating harmony, and the main melody from Game of Thrones was masterfully interwoven with the 16th century Greensleeves song. This diverse musical journey truly captured the hearts of the audience and was one of the most popular.

The SunMa concert, which came all the way from Budapest, was characterized by an “apocalyptic playfulness”, filling the audience with special energy, alternating rhythms of different musical genres, improvisations and surprising soundscapes and creating a real musical journey. Szimpla also hosted evening DJ parties, which also featured a variety of music, from more meditative tunes to dance-inducing beats.