Within the PulzArt Festival, Zoltán Balázs- visual artist, professor at the Partium Christian University of Oradea, Department of Fine Arts, will hold animation workshops dedicated for children and youngsters, entitled ““mozgóKép” (moving image). During these workshops, by using stop motion animation techniques, students of primary school can learn about the intricacies of animation production, can make stones and lifeless objects come to life. During this four day long lasting stop motion animation workshop, youngsters will learn about a variety of techniques to create animation, starting from the basic idea, to implementation and creating animated short films.

September 16-18, 10:00-13:00, „Kónya Ádám” Cultural Centre
Animation Workshop “Kőmorzsolók – mozgóKép” (for 6-10 year olds)

September 16-18., 15:00-18:00, „Kónya Ádám” Cultural Centre
“mozgóKép”Animation Workshop (for 14-18 year olds)

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