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What would you do if you hatched out of an egg only to discover you looked nothing like your brothers and sisters, or even your mother? Imagine if everyone laughed at you because you were different!

“The Ugly Duckling” is the story of a little bird who sets off on an adventure to find out who he is; on his journey he meets a plasticspoon fish and a colander turtle, a rattling crab and a strange snake, a sneezing dog and a singing rabbit, an old lady who plays the harmonica, a cat chasing mice and finally…a magnificent swan! Is the little bird really just a different duckling, or is he something else? Inspired by the classic Hans Christian Andersen tale, the performance features the trademark hand shadow puppetry of Drew Colby, live cello music played by Penny Callow, beautiful light scapes, whimsical humour and clever use of everyday objects guaranteed to take the imagination on a journey with the duckling.

Running time: 50 minutes Suitable for: families & children 4+ / school shows

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