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The participants at the 5th edition of pulzArt festival will be able to see the play based on Szabolcs Hajdu’s award–winning film ( main prize at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, the Prize of Hungarian Film Critics).

Szabolcs Hajdu’s thoughts on the performance: “We are trying to talk about ourselves, about our desires, our doubts, our anxieties. Our everyday lives, our family, our children, our parents. Perhaps if we talk about ourselves, we talk about everyone else. We are not special. Our problems are similar. Everything is around us, we just have to capture them and tell them in some way. In films or per mail, at a bus stops or via telephone, it doesn’t matter. Now, in the theatre. Let’s get rid of formalities, let’s just talk and discuss as long as we can, as long as it is possible. Let’s keep in touch and let’s talk to each other.”

“Poor Ernella! Her only desire is to be loved by someone, to have a person who is interested in her well-being. Somehow she turned out doing what she doesn’t like. She expects a solution from outside, but no one can solve her life but her. The other day she was here with her husband. They have a ten year-old daughter. They came in the middle of the night, they suddenly returned from abroad. They worked for a year in Scotland. They left the country suddenly and returned the same way.

There was never any great harmony between us, but they do not feel this, for some reason they love being with us. I think there is not even a single thing that we agree upon. It’s bad to watch how they treat their child. She’s always complaining of how bitter her childhood was, but does everything the same as our parents did. In comparison to her, I think I’ve managed to move on. For example, I did not beat Bruno, not even once, although he is a child very hard to handle.” (Excerpt from the play).

1h 40 ‘ without pause

Eszter: Török-Illyés Orsolya
Ernella: Sárosdi Lilla
Farkas: Hajdu Szabolcs
Albert: Szabó Domokos
Laura: Tóth Orsi
Brúnó: Gelányi Imre

Director: Hajdu Szabolcs

Lightning and sound techniques: Dohi Gabriella/Eszter Dániel

Production leader: Eszes Fruzsina

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