What makes Polish posters so legendary? The art of poster making is one of the most renowned Polish artistic branches, having a history of more than 50 years. The International Poster Biennale has been organised since 1966 and from the mid ’80 a poster museum has also been opened. If we were to describe the posters with words, we would use attributes such as grotesque, bizarre, strange, but magnificent and surrealist would also be adequate. When it comes to posters, it is a Polish speciality.

The pulzArt festival – organised in the spirit of the image – brings this specific ‘slice’ of art and of the world to Sfântu Gheorghe. The exhibit of the works of great Polish poster artists, such as Ryszard Kaja, Jacek Staniszewski or Tomasz Bogusławski, is a collateral event of the G4 – Graphic Art Biennial of Szeklerland and it is a selection from the works of the Silesia Plakat Fest from Chorzów. The exhibition focuses on contemporary works of Polish poster art.

16 September, 6 p.m., Casa cu Arcade/Lábas Ház

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