The Vijor is an interactive installation that allows you to draw colorfull symmetries on a projection by touching some buttons made of bearings.
Each user becomes a part of a circuit that has very weak currents and is connected to a Makey Makey, linked to a visualization app. The projection will take place at the pulzArt Festival, on Friday and Saturday evening, from 21:00 to 24:00, on a big screen placed on the Theatre.
The software and the electricity part is made by Sergiu Neagu, the control console by the sculptor Sylvester Munteanu (Alexander Silvermountain) and the production of the installation is made by Alina Floroi.
These three are part of the collective of Laborazon Maker Space of Brasov and have also participated with interactive installations at the Amural and Electric Castle festival.
About Laborazon: Our goal is to support creative minds to build and experiment with technology, art and innovation in a collaborative environment.

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