Rgdn started his journey with electronic music by organising raves and promoting local talent. It was one of these raves where he started mixing, when unbeknownst to him, he was staged by DJ Fleet to have to take over the decks in front of 100 people! It turned out, that he had the talent! As a result, Fleet gifted him two turntables and a small collection of mainly breakbeat records. This was back in 2005, and Rigodon has been mixing ever since. In 2008 he joined Playground Crew, a project created with fellow DJs and producers Mozer and Ruffie, aimed at experimenting with the harmonies of underground sounds. He had regular shows on nubreaks.com and in 2010 founded his own radio station, aurora.fm, featuring carefully curated music from around Transylvania. In his sets, Rigodon experiments with a variety of genres, although it is still breakbeat that he calls his home. His sets are a timeless, colourful journey with a distinctive flow, an expression of the love of music that brings people together and creates collective joy.

15 September, 03:00  ► Tein Teahouse

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