Casting concrete objects with S39 Hybrid Design Manufacture

During the two-day activity, participants will be involved in the practical steps of concreting, and will also have the opportunity to cast different objects from concrete that they can take home. The aim is to get to know the characteristics of the material and how to use it in a team. The workshop starts with two groups: one for children and another for adults. On Thursday, 19 September, applicants will participate in a concrete casting workshop, then in a formwork demolition workshop on Saturday, 21 September.

Time and location: IX. 19., 21. ► Main Square // sandy area in front of the Prefecture
Children (ages 8–14): 10:00–14:00
Adults: 15:00–19:00
Maximum number of participants accepted: 15 / group

Participation is subjected to pre-registration and costs 80 RON at full cost, and 40 RON for students, regardless of group.

Application deadline: IX. 15., midnight
Application form:

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