Introduction to contemporary art not only for teenagers

Interpretation is always based on experience: any work can touch us, we like it, love it for some reason. Not because it’s famous or because it’s in the curriculum. Just for some reason, we took the fancy of it, then it reminded us of another work of art, then another and another… That’s how we create the circuit of artworks, where each artwork is connected to at least one other, or even all of them are connected to each other.

There are so-so many images in the world. Trillions and trillions circulate endlessly – and without connection – on the net and on the streets too. It’s not quite easy to select and organize these images in our heads!

Along with the three exhibited artworks (the works of Csaba Ásztai, Eszter Tóth and Ottó Vincze) within ‘Invisible Presence 2.0’ – with the help of this little association game – we introduce you to the concepts and processes related to fine art. Our goal is not to tell you off, but rather to help you find the meaning of the artworks yourself through associations and connections. We’ll consider the exhibition truly successful only if you find more than one ways of interpreting the artworks, as the condition of reception is our own knowledge, our education, our previous store of learning and our sensitivity to art, in one word: our visual culture.

* Recommended for ages between 13 and 18.
** Participation is subject to pre-registration. Apply by contacting the organizers on workdays between 11:00–19:00 at +40 736 063 924 or at

Time and location:
School groups: X. 19–20. ► 10:00–13:00 ► MAGMA Contemporary Art Space
Individuals: IX. 21. ► 11:00 // 13:00 // 16:00 ► MAGMA Contemporary Art Space
Individuals: IX. 22. ► 11:00 // 13:00 ► MAGMA Contemporary Art Space

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