The Flock Project – Like a bird flock

Date: IX. 16., 19:00

Most art branches are delimited by physical limitations: pioneers are those who go beyond these limitations. The Flock Project literally interprets the approach from another perspective, replacing the motion theatre with a vertical perspective.
Let’s imagine a motion theatre production that moves the stage to the wall, adds the text of Bálint Turai, an actor and artist, assisted by János Vázsonyi, who provides the musical background with a saxophone.

The feeling is certainly unusual, because what we see, what we hear, also due to the story, is not theatre, nor circus, or concert – it is something that until now has had an unknown path. The production itself is short (15-18 minutes), as the actors present a rather intense movement.
The viewer is not only affected by the action which is held over his head, but also by the music and lyrics, that bring a lot of the circus world. The overall effect of the movement of the pair formed by Paar Lennart and Ágnes Simor certainly presents the idea of flying, and the vertical dancers also keep this in mind -in each case, the performance is adapted to the particularities of the site, as different surfaces offer different possibilities.

Therefore, the Flock Project focuses on the hotel Bodok of Sfântu Gheorghe, which in this way, even if only for a short time, returns to the city’s pulsation. PulzArt is also about this: reinterpreting the city’s surface and mapping its options helps to re-evaluate the importance of a site.

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