Shan Jiang is a Chinese illustrator based in Great Britain, who tells surreal stories through his work, playing with perspectives and the stylistic elements of line art. Shan Jiang’s art has been strongly influenced by the Chinese so-called Meticulous Art, Ukiyo-e (creations printed using a block of cherry wood, belonging to naturalistic Japanese painting) and Bauhaus. In the works of Shan Jiang, inspired by his home city, Shanghai, the jungle of skyscrapers and bungalows, one can also find styles attributed to Dürer, Jean Giraud and Shinbo Akiyuki. The feeling of life in the modern era, preserving tradition, communist ideology and the prosperous sub-culture take shape in all of his works.

Moderator: Részegh Botond, visual artist.

18 September, 3. p.m. Tein Teahouse

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