Romanian artist Dan Perjovschi is one of the best-known visual artists in the country and not coincidentally, since he managed to capture the essence of simple expression with outstanding talent, much appreciated at home as well as abroad. He conveys his ideas and socio-political criticism in the universal language of simple line art by working in unrestricted areas.

The public of Sfântu Gheorghe has had the honour of meeting Perjovschi during a two and a half hour discussion at the Hostel Beer Pub, after the artist has been painting on a wall in the backyard of Ferdinand Pension. He illustrates his ideas in a strong visual and effective style on building walls, windows, ceilings, floors, „in modest and forgotten places”. His artwork can be savoured from Sibiu to London, from Istanbul to Tokyo, “from New York to pulzArt”, in public spaces open day and night, “I think I have a larger audience than the national football team” – notes Perjovschi.

He tries to go beyond the established boundaries, he learns from mistakes and accidents and he “doesn’t have a plan which has been approved by the mayor”. He has unlimited creative freedom, which then again attracts immense responsibility, since the artist has to decide how far he can expand criticism. When asked about the Charlie Hebdo example, he affirms that – even though the existence of such a magazine has a particular context in France – it is too much for him and he doesn’t necessarily agree with the idea of unilateral freedom of speech.

Perjovschi’s strategy for creating this visually distilled universe with a clear message, is his ability to select and to surpass the confusion of visual and formal options. On the other hand, this is the fastest form of expression which ensures immediate response. Finally, it is a pragmatic approach, because the moment he became famous, the artist is being invited all over the world, and often he only has a couple of days to create. Thus, his works can be appreciated worldwide (he does approximately 30 projects per year) and he can communicate with today’s individuals “who have become increasingly superficial in this extensive flux of information, where perspective has shifted from the author to the consumer”. Dan Perjovschi has learned to live with these harsh realities and his surviving technique certainly contributes to his international success.