This year, on September 1st, 2017, Friday at 18:00, at Tein Teahouse in Sfântu Gheorghe, the participants at pulzArt comtemporary art festival will have the opportunity to meet one of the best-known figures in Romanian contemporary literature, Florin Iaru, poet, prose writer and publicist from Bucharest, the writer of the weekly satirical magazine ”Caţavencii”. The conversation partner of our guest at the event will be Adrian Lăcătuş, literary critic of Brasov.

Florin Iaru was born in 1954 in Bucharest and is an outstanding figure of the so-called eighteenth generation. In 1981, he debuted with the volume of poems entitled ”Cântece de trecut strada” (Songs for crossing the street), and in 1982 he published a joint volume with Mircea Cărtărescu, Traian T. Coşovei and Ion Stratan, entitled ”Aer cu diamante” (Air with diamonds). To his books – La cea mai înaltă ficţiune (At the highest fiction, 1984), Înnebunesc şi mi pare rău (I’m going mad and I’m sorry, 1990), Poeme alese (Selected Poems, 2002), Povestiri cu final schimbat (Fantasy stories with modified endings, 2013) , Fraier de Bucureşti (Bucharest Looser, 2011, 2015) – in the spring of 2017, at the Bookfest book fair of this year, he published his volume of poems entitled “Sînii verzi” (Green Breasts).

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