The differences between generations and the possible tensions between them are immortal subjects that should be addressed at any age. It almost doesn’t matter if we are writing 1960, 1980, 2000, or 2017, certain terms like, “those lazy and uninterested teenagers”, “in our days”, seem to never get old or forgotten.

But what do we really know about today’s youth? We know they were born in the new millennium, that they are studied by sociologists and social scientists, we know that they bear different names: Generation Z, “hard-coded generation” or “digital natives”, in a world where it is unimaginable to live without 2.0 Web, mobile phones and other digital and communication devices. But these are just labels put on them and – unless we live / work with one or more members of this generation – we will mostly remain with these labels.

The SMS game of the 5th pulsArt festival attempts to look at the text messages sent by these teenagers via SMS or various chat platforms and, through an exhibition, to bring youngsters closer to the members of the rest of generation. The exhibition consists of exchanges of messages, sent voluntarily and submitted anonymously. This SMS exhibition will be available during the entire period of the festival, on the grid of the Olt Bridge, and it represents the official opening of the 5th edition of the pulzArt festival.

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