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The fusion of literature and music carries its protagonists into a new dimension, where the content transforms, opens up in front of the beholder, it lures us in, takes us by the hand, invites us for a dance, a seesaw ride on its tunes. Krisztián Grecsó and Róbert Hrutka tells us the stories of our fathers and mothers in songs, just like it was once customary, at get-togethers. At this event music meets literature and theatre, presenting new writings, mutual songs, behind the stage secrets, anecdotes.

Krisztián Grecsó, József Attila Prize winner writer, poet, one of the most popular contemporary writers in Hungary, author of 7 novels, 2 poetry volumes and one short-story collection, major contributor to the Élet és Irodalom literary magazine. Róbert Hrutka, Fonogram and Artisjus prize winner composer, singer has worked together with renowned bands and performers like Márta Sebestyén, Charlie, Géza Bereményi, Renáta Tolvai, Ildikó Keresztes, Dorottya Udvaros, but also composed music for several successful movies, series and theatre productions.

Come swing with us!

Time and location: IX. 22. ► 19:00-20:00 ► Háromszék Dance Studio

Duration: 70-80 minutes

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