With an experience of 10 years, Grid considers himself a DJ since 2007. Coming from Saint George, he received musical education from early on and by his words he will be a man of music all his life in one way or another.
His first appearances behind the decks were in his hometown at events put together by the Tone Troopers collective, which he co-founded with a group of friends. Soon came invitations to play at gigs around the country in the major cities and festivals like Peninsula and Electric castle.
His defining style is drum and bass, in all of its many forms from jungle to neurofunk but in his sets, you can also catch some garage, trap, breakbeat or house, depending on the crowd and his mood.
His sets with carefully selected tunes that he mashes and mixes on 3 or 4 players at a time have cemented his place in the scene of bass music and are always a continuous flow of energy.

16 September, 02:00 ► Tein Teahouse 

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